Let the mermaids in my teacup distract us for a while

The Roaring Poet 

His messages are boldly written

With blunt honesty, raw, but true

He protests against the damage done

Tales of the wronged, the violated, me, you

Calling out to the abandoned and alone

Uniting the invisible and too often unheard

He joins their inner war, draws his microphone

And voices their struggle, screaming it word for word

He withstands ignorance and falling often on deaf ears

His sound branded violent, aggressive, satanic, lewd

Standing strong, he repeats their message, sees them rise against the leers

A misjudged warrior for the chaotic liberation of the subdued.

Stormy Afternoon

She thought of these moments as solemn secrets kept by the raging storm, its howling winds perfectly disguising the cocoon she was hidden safely within.

The warm peace in the room heavily contrasted by the landscape at war with itself just outside the window. Two worlds existing in the same moment. The one out there, the one in here.

“So much like life…” she mused to herself, getting up to refill her cup, “only that usually works the other way around.”

She gave a rhythmic twirl to the sound of her favourite song, causing a disruption of music and candlelight around her, the tiny spaces between filling with her laughter.

This was the safest she felt to be herself, alone with her own thoughts which all seemed to drift into comforting perspective now. Her mind was never quite this clear, her spirit never quite this at ease.


Haiku – Captured Moment

Streaks of golden life

Whispering down through the leaves

Kissing her soft skin 

Haiku – Passion

He filled my doorway

Throwing back the sheets, I grinned

And let the storm in

Enduring the Marathon…. For The Rest Of Us 

The Two Oceans Marathon. One of Cape Town’s biggest events of the year. Every Easter weekend (the Saturday), thousands of runners, shitload kilometres… And a real pain in the tit if you live anywhere along the carefully plotted course that runs down the main road of a series of residential areas and assumed you would be sleeping til sunrise on your long weekend. Like me. 

And just in case you aren’t sure what time to expect the stampede, fear not! As they have enormous speakers blaring music thoughtfully situated along the sidewalks to announce the arrival… The ETA in my neighbourhood being around 5.30am (I mentioned that its the Saturday, right?). 

So! With no escape from it and no chance of getting to bed til they are gone, I have put together a list of time fillers – guaranteeing you will enjoy the marathon as much as the thousands of bouncing jelly beans flattening your front lawn. All you will need is two trusty amigos, a bottle of shots and a little imagination!

Ready? Set. Goooo get coffee mugs to disguise the shots. Trust me. 

THE 10m MUFASA RELAY – after some responsible warm up exercises and a positive tequila gameface inducer, see who can run across the street, touch the lamppost and run back the fastest. This will require good timing and a fearless approach, in style of Mufasa in The Lion King. Beware though! These wildebeest slap hard.

RUNNING SUMO SELFIES — whip out those old sumo suits you KNEW you would use again someday, put them on, do tequila and set off!! The one who gets the least blurry running selfie wins! Again.. Beware the photobombing slappyslap.

SURPRISE FLASH MOB – thousands of people in the same place, you know this has to happen AND they brought their own boom box! Finish bottle, spread out and get that crowd dancing! Extreme slapping expected, use it in your choreography for extra points, champ! Feel free to keep the sumo outfits  on for protection. 

COLLECT THE NUMBERS – use your best spy skills for this daring challenge. See who can collect the most number IDs off the runners’ vests before expected arrival at secret rendezvous point. 

See? When it comes to sporting events, you can’t help but feel inspired to participate. Dont be shy, get out there and go for gold. Olmeca Gold. Silver works too. You are all winners. 


A hand steers the clouds across the sky

Like shapeless cars on invisible tracks

Not one of them notice as they giggle on by

Flicking their silk locks across their tanned backs

They ignore the tiny painted warrior fleet

Hidden on the backs of pesky birds at their feet

I have to look down to hide my secret smile 

As I marvel at this unseen magic’s addictive charm

And allow the mermaids in my teacup to bewitch me for a while

Watching the breeze rustle the illustrated leaves on my arm

The fairies spy from their cloaks of flapping butterfly wings

On these curiously unaware high heeled glossy creatures

Who sacrificed seeing the magic in seemingly ordinary things

To parade false beauty on their empty porcelain features. 

The Starry Trail Ensues

Over tides of velvetine poetry, I sail

Towards a horizon dancing rhythmically in the night.

Above me, the scintillating keepers of my trail

Lend the guidance and clarity of their light.

My burdens far behind, I’m freed, I vow to look only forward,

And seize adventure wherever I may

I surrender all control,

For the liberation of this soul,

The pursuit of starlight carries me away.

Dancing Lights


In love with you

Is the most beautiful music

That has ever 

Filled my soul

The Last Goodbye

“There she is again…. Every day, same time. Like clockwork.”
“Oh my God, this is difficult to watch….. Why does she torture herself like this?”

Adrienne feels this spotlight on her every day at lunch time, while she is hurrying between the sun-bronzed surfers. Every day she is aware that it can’t go on forever. Every day she is reminded that she will have to, one day, stop coming here for him and move on. And every day she is blinded by how unprepared she is for that day.

Well, today, that is what she is here to do. Today is the day.

Her pace slows when she spots him, waiting for her in the usual place, searching each face for hers. He takes a slow, deep breath when he sees that she has been crying and he begins to move towards her.

“Please…” she starts, bravely, causing him to pause. “ I…. I need to say this. Just…. Please, let me…” the words are choked off with an involuntary sob which she tries to control.

He waits quietly, and keeps watching her. He already knows what she has come here to say. He knows that this is going to hurt. He also knows how long it has taken her to reach this point. He remains respectful, he doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t look away.

She finally looks at him again, still exhaling shakily. Despite her improved composure, her tears don’t stop. She takes in every detail of his face and feels her heart breaking for the thousandth time.

“Today is the last day. I won’t be back tomorrow. I WON’T… I can’t do this to myself forever. This time with you is the only part of my day that I actually experience. There is nothing else. It’s gone on for too long. I disappear anywhere else, everywhere else. I convinced myself that it would get easier with time but I die a little more every time we meet here. Believe me, it has been worth every ounce of my sanity. This is not easy.”

She stops speaking for a moment and turns towards the ocean, grabbing the rail tightly with both hands. He moves closer and stands so close that she can almost feel him, and she feels that unmistakeable safety of his presence. It tears her apart.

“I have come here over and over again to say goodbye to you for ‘the last time’, but each time I can barely manage to walk away from you. It’s like walking away from my own soul. In a weird way I never really leave this place at all, because I am too scared to face the reality of a life without you. The thought still terrifies me. We were supposed to do this together, god damn you! YOU said that! You PROMISED that you would always be there and I believed you! And look at me now…. Look…. I have to escape from the remnants of my broken life just to share a moment here with you when I can get one. I can’t anymore….. I have to let you go. Don’t wait here for me anymore after today…. If you do I won’t ever stop coming. And I NEED to stop …… I must. The truth is that you left, and I don’t blame you for that, it wasn’t your fault…. It…”

She closes her eyes as she feels him wrapping his arms around her. She knows this is the last time, and she lets herself savour it. He warms her aching soul with his embrace, her weary heart is home again for a fleeting moment. “Shhhhhh…..” he manages, and silently protects her from the rest of the world for the last time.

She feels him release her gently and move away. She doesn’t turn around until he is gone. She turns and searches the passers-by for his face. The realisation that he is really gone numbs her, and the voices around her become clearer once again.

“It is her, check…. Same time as yesterday….. Damn…..”
“Wasn’t her fiancée that lifeguard? About a year back”
“Who is she talking to? Her mouth is moving…..”
“….. he saved that kid from drowning…. Never made it back to shore with the second child….. Such a tragedy”
“She just stands there every day, talking to herself…. Then goes back to work….”

She spots him not too far away, he is still watching her intently, his eyes full of warmth and love. She watches him back until he fades away. She smiles gently and breathes in for what feels like the first time ever. The warmth of his embrace doesn’t evaporate as she begins to walk back in the direction she came for the last time.

“I will be back someday when we have all the time in the world. This was only the last goodbye.”


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