Let the mermaids in my teacup distract us for a while



Haikus – The Dance of Echoes

Travelling through time

While suspended in midnight

Returning to you.

A fleeting moment

Oceans of words unspoken

Too soon you vanish.

Reality comes

And as sure as the morning

Your echo remains.

Til next we meet, there

In that star-concealed escape

Remember me.

Haiku – The Beauty of Her

Flowers on her skin

Melody in her laughter

Moonlight in her eyes

Haiku – Wings

Like petals of fire

Against an African Sky

Kaleidoscopes fly

Haiku – After The Storm

Once she closed the door

Silence thickened around him

Like a numbing fog


You invade my dreams when my guard is down

A betrayal I can never forget 

Your liquor-fueled rage stripping me of sound

My former future. My darling regret.


Come morning, you’ll don the face I once knew

You’ll feign no memory, you’ll feel no shame

Cry over the monster deserting you

You’ll continue a life devoid of blame.

Haiku – Stormy Afternoons

Rain at the window

Feeding imagination

Like words on pages


Haiku – The Fountain

Dreams in the water,

Under cascading whispers,

Traded for pennies.

Haiku – Grey Whispers


Rolling mists sweep in

With the dawn, filling the air

With untold secrets.

Haiku – Turns

As tides rise and fall,

Surely as the seasons change,

Chapters of my life.

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