Let the mermaids in my teacup distract us for a while



Haiku – Grey Whispers


Rolling mists sweep in

With the dawn, filling the air

With untold secrets.

Haiku – Turns

As tides rise and fall,

Surely as the seasons change,

Chapters of my life.

Haiku – A New Chapter

A journey begins

Sailing away from what’s known

On the Winds of Change.

Poem – Dawn Chorus

In darkness, we surrender as if by choice

To muted slumbers, in safe delight.

But it’s the tiny blackbird that finds his voice

There in the daunting dead of night.

His song cuts the silence, filling the sky

And from it, a spreading symphony is born.

Indeed, it’s the fire in your spirit which must never die,

Let it sing, like the blackbird, at each new dawn.

Haiku – Insomnia

Qualms rise like the tide,
Disrupting peaceful waters.
Sleepless ebb and flow.

Haiku – Wavelength

Two people talking.

A universe opening.

Time disappearing.

Haiku – Cassie At Dawn

May that iris dance

In an endless, playful breeze

To find you, at peace.

(To fond memories of a dear friend, gone from this world but never forgotten)


Her unconquerable spirit burns,
A blinding phoenix within her skin.
From the embers of dreams left broken,
Undaunted it rises, and rises again.

(To my friend, a raging flame who is as wild as she is strong)

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